Employee Secrecy Agreement Template

As an employer, protecting your company`s confidential information is crucial. Your employees may be privy to sensitive information, such as trade secrets, client lists, and financial data. To safeguard this information, you should have all of your employees sign an employee secrecy agreement.

An employee secrecy agreement, also known as a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), is a legal contract between an employer and an employee. By signing the agreement, an employee agrees not to disclose any confidential information about the company or its clients to anyone outside of the company.

If you are an employer, creating an employee secrecy agreement should be a top priority. Here are some key points to keep in mind when drafting an agreement:

1. Define what you consider confidential information. This can include things like trade secrets, client lists, financial information, and anything else that you want to keep private.

2. Specify the length of time that the agreement will be in effect. Typically, an NDA will remain in effect for a specific period of time, such as 2-5 years.

3. Determine the scope of the agreement. Will the employee be prohibited from disclosing information to anyone outside of the company, or only to certain types of people or organizations?

4. Include provisions for how the agreement will be enforced. This can include things like damages for breach of the agreement and injunctive relief.

5. Make sure that the agreement is clear and easy to understand. You want to make sure that your employees fully understand what they are agreeing to.

Creating an employee secrecy agreement from scratch can be a daunting task, but luckily there are templates available that you can use as a starting point. Here are some tips for using an employee secrecy agreement template:

1. Make sure that the template is up-to-date and legally valid in your jurisdiction.

2. Customize the template to fit your specific needs. Don`t just use the template as-is – make sure that it reflects your company`s unique requirements.

3. Have a lawyer review the finished agreement before having employees sign it. This will help ensure that the agreement is legally sound and enforceable.

In conclusion, an employee secrecy agreement is an essential tool for protecting your company`s confidential information. By following these guidelines and using a template as a starting point, you can create an agreement that meets your specific needs and safeguards your company`s sensitive information.

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