The saddest news of 2019 was undoubtedly the discontinuation of Pelle Pelle’s iconic fashion line. For four decades, Pelle Pelle had been the go-to choice for those seeking stylish and warm attire. But, since 2019, the landscape has changed.

The renowned brand, Pelle Pelle, was born in 1970, and it left an indelible mark on the fashion industry with its comfortable yet irresistibly stylish pieces. The brand’s garments were a testament to the owner, Designer Marc Buchanan’s affinity for vibrant and bold colors. The range included embellished leather jackets, trendy outerwear, an extensive collection of sportswear, and a wide array of handbags.

Celebrities and iconic figures proudly sported Marc Buchanan’s creations, making them a symbol of prestige. The famous American boxer, Tommy Hearns, was often seen donning Buchanan’s designs. The brand’s popularity soared when the hit American sitcom “Cheers” featured one of their jackets.

Design innovator Marc Buchanan was never one to shy away from experimentation, and every endeavor was a resounding success. A transformation can be seen in the brand’s collection over the years, from the addition of fur trims and rhinestones to alterations in stitching patterns and logo sizes – each adaptation was a reflection of the changing times.

We’ve held onto a few pieces of their last creations as cherished mementos. Those who own products from this esteemed brand understand that they are a timeless fashion statement. The designs are evergreen and hold a special place in our wardrobes.

While we are the official website, we acknowledge that no one can truly replicate the essence of the brand. Nevertheless, we are committed to serving the brand’s fans.

Continuing the Legacy of Authentic Apparel! Who Are We? We are avid the creators of Pelle Pelle clothing! Fuelled by a passion for fashion and an obsession with clothing, we are an online store that offers the finest leather jackets, infused with the spirit of the Pelle Pelle brand. Our online store is designed to provide people with original Pelle Pelle offerings, preserving the brand’s innovation and class.

We understand the that when we the iconic Pelle Pelle brand left the market in 2019. 

Goals and Mission Our goal and mission revolve around spreading the joy of fashion and style to people who love to express themselves through their clothing. As devotees of this iconic brand, we offer an extensive range of attire for men and women of all ages and tastes. Catering to the diverse preferences of our audience, we ensure that no potential buyer leaves empty-handed. Whether it’s a trendy bomber jacket, a stylish biker jacket, or an elegant knee-length coat – we’ve got it all covered! We also assist fashion enthusiasts in crafting their own unique and signature style, infused with luxury.

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Inspiration Our inspiration, as the website name suggests, is none other than Pelle Pelle itself! A significant portion of our inventory draws inspiration from the most iconic Pelle Pelle jackets, renowned for their vibrant colors and graceful designs. Staying true to the essence of this legendary brand, we strive to set the standard for style, versatility, creativity, and craftsmanship.

We aspire to place people at the heart of authentic apparel and empower every fashion enthusiast to thrive. Our organized online store aims to satisfy the souls of fashionistas with the same grace and elegance as Pelle Pelle. We work tirelessly each day to come closer to achieving that goal.

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