Refund Policy

At Pelle Pelle Jackets, customer satisfaction remains our paramount concern. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we uphold our commitment to delivering optimal solutions for our valued customers. Below, you’ll find our policies pertaining to refund requests:

  1. Refund requests should be initiated within 15 days from the date of order receipt.
  2. To qualify for a refund, customers must provide a legitimate reason, along with the original price tag and intact packaging. It is imperative for customers to present a valid rationale for requesting a refund.
  3. Client satisfaction being our utmost priority, our Quality Assurance department thoroughly investigates any disputes. Based on their assessment, we retain the discretion to deny a refund request and propose an exchange instead.
  4. If a returned product exhibits damage or dents that were undisclosed during the refund claim, the refund policy will not be applicable.
  5. Evidence of the damaged product should be furnished within the original packaging.
  6. We require up to 7 working days to process the request and reach a resolution.
  7. Claims made without supporting proof or evidence will be promptly declined.
  8. Pelle Pelle Jackets expressly declines any claims filed through payment platforms such as PayPal or Stripe. Our customer support is available round-the-clock to address disputes. Involving a third party will result in the cancellation of the refund request.
  9. We retain the right to reject baseless claims made by customers.
  10. Certain refund claims, including but not limited to unfounded claims about unexpected quality issues or specifications/features not mentioned in the product description, as well as false claims that diverge from email conversations, will not be entertained. No refunds will be processed in such instances.

Please be aware that Pelle Pelle Jackets reserves the authority to substitute a refund request with an exchange policy.